Intimate rendezvous with a gentleman

Any psychology professor will openly confirm that sexual fulfilment is a fundamental requirement for all adult humans. In fact, Herzberg’s well-established theory of needs ranks it equal in importance to food, safety and shelter from the elements. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts are uniquely focussed on helping women to reconnect with their deepest, most feminine inner-selves … it’s our raison d’etre!

Every woman can benefit from attending to this often neglected aspect of themselves, and this is particularly important in the following circumstances:

  • When life is hectic, and you think you’re too busy to take time-out for yourself. Just because you are Superwoman doesn’t mean you should forego one of life’s basic needs.
  • When you feel over-run by the mundane business of daily life and are missing that ‘sparkle’. Our gentlemen will have you swooning and smiling from ear- to- ear: it’s guaranteed to change your out-look on life.
  • In times of distress. The benefits are especially important for ladies who have left an abusive relationship and are rebuilding themselves or going through a personal journey. Our gentlemen genuinely adore women and hold them in the highest of regard. You will find that their worship of femininity is natural and sincere. It’s an absolutely wonderful and effective antidote to self- doubt or poor self- image.
  • For those harbouring an unfulfilled fantasy. What’s on your bucket-list? How long has it been your fantasy? Given a safe means of experiencing your fantasy, would you dare to? Is it simple or complex? Can you clearly imagine the scenario? Could you write it down on paper? The more specific you can be the better your experience will be. Naturally, additional cost may be incurred if your fantasy is elaborate, requires costume or props,  and if our companions require extra preparation time.

Genuine intimacy is best achieved in a relaxed environment, with plenty of time and space for two people to explore and appreciate each-other’s minds and bodies. We therefore recommend that for your first rendezvous you allow at least two hours to let the magic happen.


Peak: $575 per hour.


Off-peak: $475 per hour.