First Impressions


This service is offered as a first step for the curious but cautious girl who is not 100% sure whether she would go ahead with a full booking. We perfectly understand the feelings of uncertainty when booking a fantasy adventure, particularly for the first time. There may also be doubts about compatibility as we do not post pictures of our companions for reasons of discretion.  The ‘First Impressions’ option provides you with a relaxed way to meet our gentlemen and have a chat without feeling obligated to go through with a booking. By meeting him in person you will get a much better idea of his looks, what his personality is like, and whether there is chemistry between you. 

The concept is simple, make a regular booking and select the ‘First Impressions’ option. Have a relaxed and obligation free chat for ten minutes and decide the rest from there. You may choose to leave after this meeting in which case only the ‘First Impressions’ fee of $100 applies. Should you choose to proceed with the booking, this will follow on directly from your meeting and the ‘First Impressions’ fee will be deducted from your total booking fee.

Cost: $100