“Dear Anna and Regina

Firstly, thank you for the service you provide.  It is discrete, professional, customised to a woman’s needs and I felt very confident in making arrangements for my first engagement.   As a mature woman I was concerned about engaging an escort who may be years younger than me, but you both assured me this was not even a consideration.

Following your recommendation I enjoyed the most wonderful evening with Winston.

Winston is tall, lithe and athletic with exotic good looks that beguiled me.  He arrived looking well-groomed and well but casually dressed. His smile and gentle conversation soon made me relax. I felt safe at all times.  He has amazing stamina and is surprisingly strong too.  Winston is an experienced and accomplished lover whose myriad skills I deeply appreciated.  He is thoughtful and respectful, making certain that I was enjoying every moment we shared.  He looked after me in so many ways, leaving me feeling cherished and adored.  To be seduced by a man whose only intention is to give a woman pleasure is intoxicating and empowering.

As an older woman who is young at heart, and who wanted to get back her mojo, I can state that experiencing an evening with Winston has put a smile on my face that will not fade.”

-Catherine, Melbourne



“Hi Anna & Regina,

The weekend was amazing – and I don’t just mean the sex, but the rest of the time as well! Adam was great and I enjoyed our conversations and our short exploration of Gold Coast very much. I can’t believe how nervous I was before this, but I’m so glad that I took the courage to go ahead with the booking anyway and I don’t regret it at all. I feel recharged and relaxed after this weekend, and ready to tackle my hectic work life once again!

Thank you both very much for your help throughout the booking, and for Adam! :))”

Much love,”

-C, Singapore

“I haven’t had many lovers and I lacked the confidence to approach a man that can help me explore my sexuality further. I am a naturally sensual lover and in my past sexual experiences I felt that I couldn’t explore and express my sensuality. After having a few sessions with Dante not only was my sensuality revived but my sexual confidence and experience have grown immensely. Thank you ladies so much and I am looking forward to seeing Dante soon xx

Best wishes”

-G, Melbourne

“Omg!! I’m so happy!! Had an incredible night! Winston is a true gentleman. A credit to your business! 😊😊😊

Thank you! 😊👍💐”


“I’ve experienced 5 escorts prior to meeting Dante and I can honestly say he stood out from the rest in the best way possible.  First off, he was impeccably dressed in a suit that showed off his fine athletic physique.  His face could easily grace the covers of GQ magazine.  His soft brown hair and expressive brown eyes tied the whole look together.  I was more than pleasantly surprised to find such an attractive man at my door.  Seeing that I was nervous, he calmly took the lead and put me at ease.  He was very good at assessing my body language.  He knew when to slow things down and when to pick up the pace.  Once we got started he became the passionate lover with an edge of dominance, which was exactly what I was looking for and then some!
As much fun as I had with Dante in the bedroom, I genuinely enjoyed his company.  He was very interesting and intelligent but not the kind that would intimidate.  He kept me entertained and well sated throughout the evening.  I can’t recommend Dante enough to those looking for an evening of pure bliss!”

-Angela, Hong Kong

“Hi Anna, Regina,
“Adam and I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the services today! We had an awesome time and felt comfortable every step of the way. Xavier was a true professional and you made the perfect recommendation! We will definitely be back to you for all future liaisons. Have a great weekend!”

– Elle

“Hello ladies! Dante was truly a sweet gentleman and I was very spoiled. Too bad he’s away today I wouldn’t mind enjoying a second night before I fly back tomorrow 😄”




“The first thing you need to know about Spencer is his overwhelming reverence of the female form. I have never felt so worshipped in my life. Two hours with Spencer translated into two weeks of feeling like a Queen with the world as my footstool! He is extremely open-minded and communicative, you will be put at ease to ask for whatever you please. If you are a particular aficionado of a man who knows what to do with his tongue downstairs then look no further, he his a Level 10 with particular relish for the activity. A man you could easily get addicted to. Five Stars. Hope you are both well xx”

– Dina



“Hi Regina & Anna, I had a busy day today as I had to drive to Sydney. I wanted to give you feedback but not rushed comments. I hope what I have written below is suitable and answers your queries about my satisfaction with the services you provide. I am happy for you to use extracts from my comments below if you like.

As you know Xavier had a massage oil explosion in his luggage which made for a great ice breaker when he arrived. I had just finished ironing my dress as he knocked on the door then the nerves exploded. So much so that when I opened the door, with my dress on I must add, I greeted him with a firm handshake (better than a slap on the butt and a how’s your father I suppose).

I offered Xavier a glass of water while I appreciated his gorgeousness with my eyes. He was very warm and good at making me feel comfortable and helping me relax. His soothing deep voice was definitely an asset in calming my nerves. Once I was ready he laid me down for a massage with my clothes on and then when I felt comfortable the evening progressed. By the end of the interlude I was fulfilled, felt desirable once more and had fun rediscovering my inner goddess. Thank you for facilitating this wonderful experience and my appreciation is extended to Xavier.”




‘I should have sent you an sms back ladies and am sorry for being late. Can you pls tell Dante thank you so much…I think he went out of his way for me yesterday and it was super awesome and he really is a great person that writing a recommendation for him is hrs because I wanna keep him a secret from others smile emoticon thank you for giving him a heads up about my hesitation…he was so nice about it. Might book for next week so will keep you posted xx😎😊”

-K, Dubai



“OMG!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Winston is something else! I’ll have a more comprehensive review later. Must get some food and energy back in me, lol! Email you soon! Forever grateful.  :)))”




“Hi Regina and Anna,

Oh my, how do I begin to explain the pure, unadulterated pleasure that I experienced with Xavier?  I’ll begin by saying he looks like a god with a gorgeous face and beautiful body to match.  He has a sweet and calm demeanour that almost contradicts his very masculine build.  But make no mistake, he can certainly be very passionate and fierce in the bedroom.  I went into this booking hoping to find good sex, the kind of sex that had been missing in my life for almost 2 decades.  The sex I found with Xavier was hot, passionate, toe-curling, did I mention hot?  This man made me feel desirable and sexy.  I swear he’s ruined me for all other men.

I didn’t just experience phenomenal sex with Xavier, I also experienced really good company.  Xavier has had such an interesting life that he is an absolute joy to chat with.  He truly is the whole package, be it an extra large yummy package!”

Warmest regards,

-Katie :))




“Hi Anna and Regina, it was indeed a really fun evening. Danté is the perfect gentleman. Thank you both. 😁”

-J, Singapore



“Hi ladies. I had a lot of fun last night with Xavier, I was a lot more relaxed than last time which helped! I’m glad he had fun too and I look forward to seeing him again soon.”




“Thank you so much Regina & Anna, for your wonderful service. Please pass on to Dante that he has given me my confidence back and has restored my faith ,that there are actually some men that really know what they are doing. Thank you x”




“Hi ladies.
Dante was an absolute gem. I felt at ease within the first couple of minutes. Very attractive, sexy man with a genuinely attentive, caring manner.
The time passed quickly & pleasurably. I was very tempted to extend my time.
Many, many thanks (please pass them on to Dante as well). Just what I needed.



“I am a late bloomer and had my first sexual experience only recently in which I had an intense connection. Although it was special I knew there was no future with that person. This left me broken emotionally. I called the ladies and told them about my situation. After this, I decided to spend time with Xavier. I was glad with my choice he was caring, understanding passionate and sensual. I won’t forget his big strong hands and athletic physique for sometime. I want to Thank you, as this experience has given me the strength and confidence I need to move forward. Xx”




“Hi Anna & Regina,

I don’t even know where to start. Roberto was stunning, handsome and intelligent. He made me feel at ease from the start, opening the door to such a beautiful person was intimidating but after 10 mins with him he had me relaxed and at total ease. I was extremely happy with Roberto and look forward to seeing him again. Thanks ladies you made my week xxx”




“Ann and I had a terrific night. I could not speak highly enough of Adam or Erica. They were delightful to sit around and have a drink and a chat with and were fantastic with Ann when it came to going to the bedroom. They let everything take it’s time as Ann was nervous and Erica did a great job relaxing Ann in the way she instigated the sexual experience. She did it so well and knew just the right time to introduce Adam. Ann’s comment about Adam was that he was gentle, and said that despite the fact that he didn’t hold back when he was having intercourse with her. The way Erica and Adam worked together was outstanding.

It was a credit to the way they both treated Ann that she relaxed and enjoyed the experience and any shyness she had totally evaporated once things got going. I enjoyed the night and Ann is looking very happy this morning and has a constant smile on her face.

In summary the two of them were great and worked really well together and it is difficult to see how we could have had a better time. Two very nice and professional people.”




“Morning ladies. Thought I’d give you my feedback before I get on the road for the long drive home.

Roberto was lovely. Put me at ease very quickly.  Satisfied me completely & made me feel very sexy. Strong, sensual man who also has a cheeky side that made me laugh. Laughter & orgasms…what more could I ask for?
Many thanks.”

– Janet



“Hi I just wanted to let you know Marcus was amazing and did relax me and made me feel wonderful I will be back.

It was a nice way to end my trip now I am back to Perth. Thank you.”

– Liz




“Dear Regina & Anna,
Apologies for late reply. My life is nuts right now. I really appreciated your message!! Yes giggle, the win / win had me glowing & made me very happy. Speak-no-evil monkey I don’t imagine Adams profession is always easy & it takes a very special man. Re Adam; I never met anyone so confident / happy in their own skin without a trace of arrogance. Gorgeous! Snowboarder
I tried to have no expectations when I made the booking but I did want to be kissed, have affection & get my confidence back. That desire was fulfilled & you know how happy I was the next day.

But…. a few very unexpected things have occurred since, which I wanted to share with you. I’ve been out celebrating my final time in Melbourne 6 times at 5 star bars & clubs since last Tuesday night & I have never received so many complements or male attention. I have not acted any differently than before but clearly my vibe is different. Two old flames have contacted me out of the blue.. What the? Coincidence? I started running again & already lost a kg. 4 to go.

I have also had a broken heart for 2 years, my private pain. I have tried energy healing, forgiveness meditation, read 10 books, & many other things. Nothing helped so I just tried to get out there and move on. Yes I’ve traveled, started a company & had a big life. Its in my nature to be positive & fun. I’ve also had some lovely dates but how could I possibly have any chance when I secretly was not over the past.

I never expected that my time with Adam would help me get closure from the past but it did. I can’t quite understand that in any rational way. My focus has not now shifted to Adam (as lovely as he is) it’s not like that. Just a healing & letting go that has very clearly taken place in me. It’s hard to explain but my energy has changed & I feel back to the free, happy lady I was before my heart ache. The past week has clearly proved that because my internal change has been mirrored by the outside world big time. It’s not a high I with crash from, I’m really grounded & centred. I even managed to stay in a store when they started playing Sarah Mclachlan songs…. I would have usually lost my shit & had to leave from the trigger of those love songs. I just laughed… Yep I’m cured  My heart healed & open.

Now I am really ready for my new big adventure in overseas & didn’t need to take so much “baggage” to the airport lol! It’s hard to find words more than “thank you” both so very much. It was a pre birthday present to myself & turned out the greatest gift. Big cheeky happy smiles.

So ladies & Adam I wish you all the very very best for the future

My warmest regards & cheers from the Qantas lounge lol ”

– Denise




“Wow ladies, he is one special, talented man. Anthony, had a real calmness about him that put me at ease, his gentle touch melted me and those velvety lips OMG! I have never been treated like that before from any man, I felt like I was the centre of the universe, he made me feel desirable, sexy and special. He is a beautiful person inside and out. It is a very discreet and safe business to deal with and at no time did I feel unsafe.  I totally commend and thank Regina & Anna for making this type of safe, service available to women.  Unfortunately society accepts this type of adult pleasure for men but not so much for us women. I totally recommend to any lady out there thinking of doing this that you will NOT be disappointed. Life is too short, you only get to live once, experience all you can ladies and I guarantee you will have a smile on your face for weeks, months and memories that will last your lifetime.”
Kind Regards

– Natasha




“Xavier knows how to take control in a most sensual manner. His deep, calm voice offering red wine two minutes in was enough to have me feeling completely at ease. He read and worshipped my body with a strong hold but very soft caress, I am not going to forget his hands any time soon. I recommend Xavier for women who particularly enjoy the strong-build, Rugby-player type. As a disclaimer, this gentleman is certainly not lacking in the trouser department, prepare to behold a sight that will widen your eyes!”

– Victoria




“Hi ladies, firstly thank you for this very professional & caring service & the gift. I am very grateful.
As I mentioned I have such a strong personality so I wanted someone with strong masculine energy. I also wanted someone to be affectionate & caring because it had been a long time for me. Not an easy combination to master but Adam was perfect!
(& his body … Omg Yum)
I felt it was a very genuine experience & that Adam was very authentic with me. He was also caring, interesting, intelligent, fun, (which makes him even more attractive) & for me an exquisite lover.
I felt safe and respected at all times which in term meant I could relax, stay present & have a lot of fun.
I am delighted to feel so feminine & confident again. I feel beautiful today.
Please thank him again for me.  I enjoyed every single moment.”

– Kim




“Over the past 10 years together my husband and I have enjoyed a varied and interesting sex life and have never found ourselves feeling bored or lacking in that area however for some time I had personally wanted to experience the touch and feel of another women.

Although it was something I wanted to experience I also had my apprehensions. Everything from what if my hubby wants this to be a regular thing or falls for her, what if she is crazy a druggo or worse diseased just so many worries presented themselves.

We actually came across Aphrodisiacs by chance and really liked their ethos and the sound of their female escort Erica. Making the call was probably the hardest part about it all but when a lovely lady on the other end answered and we had a wonderful open discussion my mind was put at rest and a booking was made with Erica.

We went to a bit of trouble booking a gorgeous hotel and getting all dressed up so were hoping that everything would be fine and to our delight when Erica walked in dressed immaculately in a sexy tight black dress and gorgeous heels I could feel my heart beating a million miles an hour!

The 3 of us clicked perfectly and Erica knew exactly how to put my mind at ease she is wonderfully comfortable to talk to, she is warm and listens and best of all she is super sexy.

I won’t go into detail but let me tell you when we got up to the room I had the most amazing time, I felt totally relaxed and even really enjoyed how Erica was so understanding and respectful our relationship. In fact it was a total turn on the 2 of sharing my hubby also! This was truly an amazing, safe and exciting experience that we will certainly be doing again very very soon”.

– J & P, South Yarra




“Hi Regina & Anna ..I had such a beautiful time with Anthony…he was just what I wanted. HOT HOT HOT..to say the least…very classy, sexy & what a beautiful person…He made me feel absolutely beautiful & relaxed. Thank you so much..u r both very special ladies for doing what u do. I feel energized to go back to work and now have a bit of understanding being on the other side.
Thanx again…warmest regards”

– Isabella x




“I’m in a long term relationship and was looking for a safe, professional way to explore and experiment with my sexual self (with the full consent of my partner). I’ve been completely impressed by every aspect of Aphrodisiac’s offering. Their gentleman are gorgeous, skilled and deliciously dedicated to their mission to satisfy. I’ve experienced the divine Anthony, the transcendent Andre and the primal Adam (working my way through the alphabet?) Each utterly different and totally wonderful. Why anyone seeking physical companionship would roll the dice in a cruel and risky world (especially for women), when they can tailor a safe experience to meet their highly individual needs, is beyond me. I’m a convert for life! My only wish is that services like these would become less taboo. They’re about empowerment and respect, which should be celebrated.”

– Nicola




“I recently had to attend an important family funeral and due to my estranged family, I felt uncomfortable attending alone. Thankfully I came across this site run by women for women and after speaking to Anna in regards to what I thought was a most unusual request (an escort for a funeral), I was relieved to be told that this could be accommodated for. The escort provided was above and beyond what I expected – highly professional, sincere and respectful of my requirements. I felt extremely safe and was able to get through a most trying day. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. As a first time user I would like to thank Anna for her patience and reassurance when I asked her many many questions.”

– Jennifer




“Hello Regina and Anna,
I would like to say well done on a very well run business and such good service The perfect match for me last night with what I needed at this time in life. Adam was a perfect gentlemen, and delivered a perfect service.I will definitely be in contact and have already recommended you to a friend.
Happy Friday 😀 ”

– Meg




“Ladies, Zac was a pleasure. He is a total 11/10! Thank you for making my birthday so lovely. x”

– Jessica




“Hi Anna & Regina, Anthony was a true gentleman and did a perfect job. Thank you. Kindest regards”

– Robyn




“Hi ladies
Hope you are having a great easter. My night was great! Andre was perfect for my first time and made me feel totally comfortable with something that has been absolutely crippling to my confidence. I feel so much more liberated now I have done it and its an amazing feeling but I definitely want to book again as I want to be better at it before I go and have sex with someone I like. So I will be in touch after the easter break when I have figured my schedule out. Thanks for all your help and enjoy your night”

– Nikki




“I am leaving Melbourne early in the morning. It has been a memorable trip to say the least.Tonight I would love to be able to have one last dinner and companionship night with Anthony if he is available. A final farewell to Melbourne so to speak! LOL I want to thank you ladies for all you do. I can never express how much you have helped me to overcome some obstacles in my life, and begin to live again for me.”

– Jerry




“Thanks Regina we had a fantastic time. Both Andre and Adam were perfectly matched to us and wonderful company and lovers. We will be back in touch in the future. Thank you for the great service. ”

– J&L




“Hi Ladies,
The night was awesome. Andre was extremely professional and played everything by our rules of engagement. Credit to his physical statue that he was able to keep up with Alyssa. Keep up the good work.”

– Keith and Alyssa




“Anthony was just lovely – really liked him and it what I wanted – he read me perfectly – the sort of guy it would have been lovely to wake up to in the morning – if I could have afforded it:)
Thanks ladies”

– Sue




“Hi Girls,
I have some serious feedback for you on my appointment last night with Andre…… but first I have to say this…. OMG that body!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, moving on… I really enjoyed the time I spent with André, he is very sweet and has a natural kindness about him. It took some time for me to feel comfortable with him despite his best efforts, but this says more about me than him. Ironic really isn’t that someone so at home in a boardroom can be so challenged in a bedroom. Thank you both for providing such a caring and discreet service, also for my lovely candle. I am about to take myself on an overseas shopping jaunt and so it may be a short while before I contact you again, but I definitely will in future. Please pass on my regards to André and tell him thank you and I hope to see him again (I promise not to talk so much next time).
All the best”

– Mel




“Dear LL,
Desperately seeking a safe way to nurture my emerging sexuality, to further my quest to unleash the goddess within, my transition to Aphrodite, the lead character in my latest book, I turned to you two Lovely Ladies (LL). You offered up Anthony, a prince among men, the perfect man for the task and perfect for the male lead in the newly resurrected book and story line. And so it came to pass that Anthony, through a series of lessons in loving, helped Christine throw off her cultural conditioning and the demons of the past. Immersed in the beauty of sensuality and sexuality, Prince Anthony transported her to the Kingdom of Feel Good, where anything and everything is possible, where fantasies become realities. And so Christine made her sacred rite of passage from widow, to woman to goddess culminating in a Night to Remember in Aphrodite’s Temple. Whereupon Christine lived happily ever after in The Garden Of Her Delights. The book of the same name, became a bestseller and was made into a movie. A happy ending and a beautiful beginning, grounded in reality, and the best is yet to come. A sincere thank you to Anthony and the LL for helping my dreams come true.”

– Christine




“Hi Anna, I had the most amazing evening with Roberto – he was charming company whilst we were out, mixed extremely well with the other guests and when we got home he awakened in me a sexuality I did not even know I had! I felt totally relaxed and uninhibited and at no time did he make me feel he was on a job – I believe his sincerity was genuine. I have only two regrets – one is that I had to wait until I was nearly 63 years of age to feel this sexually liberated and the second that my late husband is no longer alive to enjoy the new me. Thank you for breaking the sexual drought that widowhood imposed on me for the past 5 years.”

– MM




“Hi girls, I’m back to Perth tomorrow, however, I just had to tell you that Roberto was amazing and for the first time in a long time he made me feel sexual…I never ever thought I would do something like this. I love my husband, this was his idea and I do believe 100% that my experience will help us. Thank you thank you very much.”

– Jenny S




“Hi Anna & Regina, Roberto was amazing. He was very good at making me laugh and that helped me to relax. Loved the fact that he really pays attention and looks you straight in the eyes. Definitely a memorable occasion…no regrets whatsoever. Thank so much for my gift as well.”

– Pauline




“Dear Anna and Regina,
Sitting down to write you this email and try and explain what you guys have done for me is actually quite hard! Never in a million years would I have anticipated how I would feel or how much this has changed me!

Anthony is such a beautiful person and not just to look at but in every way. He has knocked so many crazy insecurities of mine on the head and given me the confidence to try my luck in the real world. I have had so much fun with him…. His enthusiasm for last nights dinner and the effort he went to blew me away! As you’d expect he was a hit with everyone and we loved having this hilarious secret story!!

I love the thought that when I’m 90 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, the memory of him will still bring the biggest smile to my face!! I also feel like sending you 2 the biggest email hug as there is no doubt you have played a massive role in this. I’ve had these secret enthusiastic friends who have added to the fun.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you a million times over……”

– Linda xxxx




“Hi Anna, just wanted to send a quick thank you, I had a fantastic night with Macus! He was  amazing, very understanding and gentle with me. I have forgotten how good it could feel! He got my heart racing and I think I’ve found my new fitness work out! Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to Luca for providing me with ‘a bucket list’ experience! Your service has been kind, compassionate and beyond exceptional!”

– Sarah




“Wow, Roberto, true to his profile, “The Latin lover” and a real gentleman. Just what every woman dreams of. Absolutely pleasing to the eye, in many ways. Thank you Roberto for a lovely time, a shame it went real quick, just leaves you wanting more. Thank you for making it all about me. You really are special. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.”

– Jan




“Thanks for suggesting Anthony. He was brilliant! Made me feel so relaxed right from the beginning. I will be using your services again in the very near future as I feel that Anthony can help me solve my problem. May I congratulate you both on a good + classy service. Please tell Anthony “thanks for the massage, it really helped me”.  I felt that he made time for me and it felt good to know no matter the age, I can still enjoy sex with a man!!! He instinctively knew what  I needed and provided it. Thank you both again for creating this service! Cheers.”

– Mary




“Hey sweet girl, hope u are well! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and what a pleasure it’s been speaking to you. The service you and Regina have created has helped me in so many ways. I know I don’t have anything else to compare it to but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that your establishment compares to no other.

I have spent the last 20 years working hard and raising my son. Men did not factor into my life whatsoever. My sister forced me to try this type of service out and despite my original misgivings, I have found that it has changed my life!! I guess this service can mean different things for different women. It’s given me the confidence and desire to start living again! I am generally very shy and standoffish by nature and I guess the wonderful get-togethers with Roberto, have allowed me to believe I deserve, as all women do, a good man to make me happy and enjoy my life with. I am ready to move on now but I will never forget what this experience has done for me. Thank you again!”

– Helen




“Wow!! What can I say! Thank you Anna & Regina for making my experience so incredibly amazing and memorable. Should have done this years ago, don’t know what I was afraid of or what I was waiting for? Thank you, Thank you, thank you …… till next time”

– Melissa, South Melbourne




“It has been a privilege to use the services of your escort agency ( big statement I know…but it’s true!). Marcus was not only handsome but also so highly intelligent and worldly. He immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable.  He was so much more than I had imagined. Looking forward to my next rendezvous”

– Rebecca, Malvern




“The whole anticipation, the excitement & the adrenaline that I felt on the night compares to nothing I have EVER experienced. I felt like I was a part of a beautifully written movie…the city lights and Anthony’s lips were the highlights. He made me feel so hot, sexy and intimate -he perfectly read my body, I learnt so much about myself. Anthony empowered me in such a gentle way, he was definitely more than I bargained for.

Thank you Anna for picking the perfect man for me. I’m at work right now….I feel so energised!!! I’m so happy…I love your company. You guys rock!!! Well done…My friends are so jealous ha ha ha”

– Nikki




“It was a pleasure dealing with your agency.  I believe that I have found the best service provider in the escort industry. I have used Aphrodisiac Male Escorts numerous times now, and I have to say that the service has always been exceptional. I am appreciative of all the attention to detail and genuine care that you and your companions provide. Thank you again

– Amanda, Sydney.




“Anna, firstly I would like to congratulate Regina and yourself on this exceptionally run organisation. You made my decision a very easy one. You made time for me and understood my needs. You took me through it all step by step, right till the very end. I will be rebooking as everything was as you’d promised.

Anthony was even more amazing than I expected. He was the full package, and then some. He actually looks airbrushed…. 😀 . When I think about being with him, I actually bite my lip :)…he’s very sensual and was in tune with what I needed.
Thank you again.

– Miss V




“Since making a booking with Will, what can I say, I am addicted. I have found the service you provide to be of first class and I couldn’t hope for a better selection of gentlemen.  I have recommended your agency to my friends. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful help.”

– Renae, Mordialloc




“Hi Anna,
Anthony was amazing. I loved every minute and didn’t want the night to end. I would definitely book him again! He is gorgeous and it is a shame his photo isn’t available. I think most women will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.”

– Rose




“Tantric massage…… It just sounds sinful and way out of my comfort level, well, it was until I met Andre.

He put me at ease right from the word go and then after spending a bit of time chatting, he assured me that I was in control at all times and if anything made me uneasy I only had to say so and he would stop. However, he made his intentions clear that his plan was to make me feel like a goddess.

This was not and understatement and I basked in his attention. Thank you Andre for making me feel so special, I didn’t know I could. X”

– Melissa




“Waiting in my hotel room I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into. But when the door opened I was greeted by a friendly, warm smile and sparkling eyes. I invited Marcus in and offered him a drink.

His conversation was easy and comfortable and his focus was totally on me. And then he kissed me. Well, all I can say is WOW! I was treated to kindness, attention and passion with a bit of fun and laughter thrown in. What a gorgeous man  🙂

I felt adored and sated by the end….. Lucky me  :-D”

– Kaz




“Thank you ladies! Roberto is gorgeous and also extremely sweet and gentle. He is charming and understands what a woman is about. I have spent great moments with him. He is a true gem of your agency. I’m looking forward to seeing Roberto soon. And I will definitely recommend him to others.”

– Sonia, Singapore




“I first met Anthony at a friend’s divorce party about a month ago. What a gorgeous guy! In a matter of a couple of hours he managed to undo any preconceived ideas I and the other women may have had in regards to a male escort.

He was funny, intelligent and handsome. Anthony thoroughly entertained us and helped my friend celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in her life with style and sophistication.

At the end of the evening he left some cards on the table and I discreetly took one. A few weeks later I had a glass of wine for dutch courage to make the call to book a private session with Anthony. I think that to say that Anthony highlighted the inadequacy of my past lovers, would some how be an understatement.”

– Janet S, Kew




“I am home and in the real world again and constantly thinking about Roberto!

Thank you Regina for your chat last night. I needed that too.

You were certainly right when you said Roberto was ‘easy on the eye’, quite an understatement! I am sure I went weak at the knees when I opened the door to him. Beautiful smile and eyes, and an amazing body and mind, not to mention the sense of humour.

He put me at ease straight away, well almost…

Roberto is the only man I have been with, apart from my estranged husband. My self esteem has taken a battering with my work related depression and the subsequent break down of my marriage. A friend suggested finding a professional escort may be a safe way to begin the journey I need to take to find myself again.

And you know what, she was right.

The only problem, I did not take your advice and book for at least 2 hours. The hour went so quickly and I did not want him to leave. We had talked as we lay and cuddled and I felt so good.

If only I could have rung in the morning to get him to come back. I wanted to.

I really appreciate your time and care in helping me prepare for this weekend and deal with my nerves. I told a couple of friends what I was doing and they encouraged me and wished me luck (I was a bit surprised by that) I feel like I am living in a bit of a dream at present as I type and remember my feelings. Things did not happen quite as I had hoped, due to time constraints, but next time will be another small step…”

– Your grateful client, Lyn




“My boyfriend has often spoken about how he likes to imagine me with other men, something that does not fit well with our agreement to be faithful!! That was until we decided to use the services of a male escort. I was treated to a night of joy with the incredibly fit, strong and attractive Will, and all I had to do was describe the evening to my boyfriend after –  I think I might do this again!!”

– Sarah




“As a successful 20-something professional, I actually don’t find it hard to meet men, which is why some of my friends were surprised when I told them I’d used a male escort. My reasoning was simple – where in the real world are you going to find an attractive, fit and willing man who is going to devote everything he has to your pleasure? Alexander did just that for me – he was gentle, kind and sensual. He left after 2 hours of bliss, leaving me feeling like a queen”

– Frances




“I am housewife in my late 40’s. My husband and I have always enjoyed an active sex life up until a few years ago. My husband is in his mid sixties and due to depression and I suppose age has been experiencing erectile dysfunction for some time now, which is difficult to cope with at times.

Recently a friend mentioned Aphrodisiac male escorts to me and how positive her experience had been. So after some research and with my husband’s blessing  I decided to hire the services of Luca.

The experience I had can be likened to MUCH needed medicine…and that’s all I’m going to say ;-)”

–  Mrs M of Elsternwick



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